Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shorts under Skirts and Dresses

Girls should be wearing shorts under every skirt or dress they wear otherwise some people will be getting an eyeful of knickers.

Shorts under a dress
Bike shorts or some kind of modesty shorts should be a staple for every girl. All 3 my daughters wear bike shorts under every skirt and dress they have ever owned and one of my daughters is 15. She even says without shorts she would feel too exposed.

Girls Bike Shorts

When wearing shorts under a skirt or dress you also want to make sure that the shorts aren't too long and stick out below shirts or dresses because it looks bad. Make sure the shorts are short enough and the skirt or dress is long enough and you will have no problems.

Also to stop the shorts sticking out like a sore thumb try shorts that are either navy, black or the same colour as the skirt.

Girls Bike Shorts

Don't forget the most important place a girl should differently wear shorts under a skirt is at school where there will be a lot of boys and monkey bars around. Some schools even require or recommend that girls wear shorts under their uniforms.

Navy bike shorts under a uniform
The next post will be skorts.

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